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The Clean Machine

Muse MR 5116 – Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, “The Clean Machine” [1978] Eddie Vinson… Mr. Cleanhead… a name that conjures up the image of a bald-headed blues singer popular during the fifties. It’s a truthful image, but an incomplete one, for … Continue reading

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BUDDY MOSS – notes

LP & CD Biograph 12019 – Buddy Moss, “Rediscovery” Georgia….. Georgia, the land of cotton-fields and Army bases and miserable red soil; where the economic status of a town may be gauged by the number of pawn shops on its … Continue reading

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Joe Fields, a driving force in the jazz music business for over 50 years, passed away on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.  He was 88 years old. Joe was born in Jersey City, N.J. in 1929 and raised in Brooklyn. He … Continue reading

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