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COREY WILKES Drop It Delmark DE 582 Corey Wilkes – tpt/flg/cnt; Jabari Liu – as (3, 7, 9, 10, 11); Chelsea Baratz (2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10), Kevin Nabors (3, 5, 6) – ts; Robert “Baabe” Irving III – … Continue reading

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Creole Jazz Band

JOE “KING” OLIVER                                                                                                                              The Complete 1923 Creole Jazz Band Recordings                                                           … Continue reading

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VOGUE box set

VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                                                                                         Jazz on Disques Vogue                                                                                                                   Sony Music/Disques Vogue/Legacy 88725443772 This box is just what it says it is: “LEGACY ressuscite les trésors du jazz enregistrés en 33t (25 et 30 cm) sur le prestigieux label VOGUE. – 35 chefs-d’oeuvre … Continue reading

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Sweatman book

THAT’S GOT ‘EM: The Life and Music of Wilbur C. Sweatman                         Mark Berresford                                                                                                                      University Press of Mississippi (2010) Jackson, MS.                                                                 230 pp. – US$50.00 (hardback) As time goes on, the realization that jazz was NOT something that sprang full-fledged from … Continue reading

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JAZZ                                                                                                                                           Gary Giddins and Scott DeVeaux                                                                                             Norton (2009); New York & London                                                                                   US$39.95 This is a book that claims to cover the history of jazz from “go” to “whoa” – or at least to 2008! Both authors’ names should be … Continue reading

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Giddins book CDs

The Norton JAZZ Recordings                                                                                          Sony Special Products A742914 – A742917: four CDs                                                                 79 tracks – US$60.00. The breakdown of the Norton collection CDs is: #I; 24 tracks @ 72 min: #II; 24 tracks @ 72 min: #III; 16 tracks @ … Continue reading

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REALLY THE BLUES?                                                                                                                            A Blues History, 1893 – 1959                                                                                                          Vol. 1 (1893 – 1929)                                                                                                                        West Hill Radio Archives WHRA-6028 [9 CDs] Some of you with a broader focus than “merely” blues may be aware of Allen Lowe, a jazz tenor … Continue reading

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