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Rev. Pearly Brown,; Jim Pettigrew; Christine Brown- Americus, GA, 1971 (courtesy Juana Haroldson) BIG JIM   One of my functions/duties is to tell the world of the demise of certain individuals connected with my life’s work in black music. Usually, … Continue reading


Cecil Barfield

Plains, GA  – Feb 8, 1979                                                                                                                  Nikon F2, Tri X Cecil was first located by Jim Pettigrew, writing for Brown’s Guide to Georgia. He published “Can’Cha Hear Me Cryin’, Ooo-hoo” in the Jul/Aug 1976 issue (Vol 4/ No 4), pp … Continue reading

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Gussie Nesbit

Blind Gussie Nesbit lived in the Charlotte area of NC. He made religious records for Columbia in 1930 and Decca in 1935. He also backed Jack Gowdelock on Victor in 1931… the two sacred songs they did were not issued; … Continue reading

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“Wonder Boy”

This is a puzzlement – no recollection where I found it, but SC is quite likely as a postal address in Greenwood, SC is written. James Smith the subject… it certainly looks a “sacred” pose, but what do I know!

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FEWJ Singers

This group is from GA, possibly western AL – the identifications were given to me by Roy Dunn who also sang in quartets and recognized these folks. Another thrift shop find.

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Queens of Harmony

“Found in a second-hand store in the SE” is the best that I can do from this vantage point in time.

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Uncle Eddie

Date/photographer unknown – photo courtesy of Sherman Cole A PERFECT CAPTURE!

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