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Is it FESTIVUS time again? OK, it’s year’s end for 2016 and I missed Festivus once again (another senior moment!), but there are still complaints I’d like to vent regardless, even if out of season. I have managed to live … Continue reading

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ODDENDA & SUCH: #87 – the Record Men

RECORD MAKERS and BREAKERS: Voices of the Independent Rock ‘n’ Roll Pioneers John Broven University of Illinois Press (2009) Urbana & Chicago. RALPH PEER and the Making of Popular Roots Music Barry Mazor Chicago Review Press (2015) Chicago COWBOYS AND … Continue reading


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Brotherly Love

THE HANDS                                                                                                                           Everything is Wonderful                                                                                                               Hi-Fi Doley-T (MGM/Planet) This sophomore effort from the Doley brothers’ guitar-less soul/funk band has finally appeared; fourteen original tunes (by either Clayton or Lachlan) that cook on a fairly … Continue reading

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Big Box Sales

Hey, Hey… It’s BOXing Day!! OK, so maybe the title is a bit on the hokey side, but there’s a reason. ’Tis the season, and all that sort of stuff, and this piece is to give you, dear reader, some … Continue reading

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Triptych – part 3

AGAINST THE WIND Tim Duffy & the Music Maker Relief Foundation The sub-heading for this magazine is “Australia’s Roots Music Monthly”. But what does that mean? And whose roots, anyway? Well, let’s start with the idea of popular music over … Continue reading

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Triptych – part 2

DIY Fieldwork (or alone in his field)                                                                                  George Mitchell’s southern trawlings. “Roots Music”, one of the over-riding themes of this publication from the git-go, takes many forms (Anglo-European, African American, “Ethnic”, “World”, a.o.) and has been documented over the decades … Continue reading

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Triptych – part 1

ALAN LOMAX: b. Austin, TX; 31 January 1913/d. Tarpon Springs, FL; July 19, 2002. What do blues singer Muddy Waters, the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, and Moby’s multi-platinum album PLAY have in common? One … Continue reading

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McTELL bits – Like a number of us blues aficionados, I came to said music partially through the late Sam Charters’ book, THE COUNTRY BLUES – especially when later abetted by the similarly titled Folkways/RBF LP album. For once, one … Continue reading

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Honeyboy’s Centennary

My partner just pointed out that today would be the 100th birthday of David “Honeyboy” Edwards, Trix Records only lifetime Grammy winner, and perhaps the least famous musician so acknowledged (see O&S #25).   Honeyboy passed away not 4 years … Continue reading

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BEGINNER’S GUIDE… Alan Lomax. Peter B. Lowry on the prime doyen of folklore and field recording. Alan Lomax… what a concept! The person without whom there would probably be no Songlines! And that is not attempted hyperbole… merely the truth. … Continue reading

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