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THE MACE FRANCIS ORCHESTRA                                                                                         Music For Average Photography                                                                                       listen/here (no #) Mace Francis – com/arr;; Ricki Malet, Callum G’Froerer, Matthew McGlynn – tpt; Blake Phillips, Jame Cross, Rob Coleman – tbn; Ben Collins, Dan Hart, Brett Smith, Mark Sprogowski … Continue reading

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EDDIE – It came as a total surprise one morning, as it always does, an e-mail message from French blues fan René Malines that Eddie Kirkland had died. My first reaction was denial, but further ’net communications blew that idea … Continue reading

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Brotherly Love

THE HANDS                                                                                                                           Everything is Wonderful                                                                                                               Hi-Fi Doley-T (MGM/Planet) This sophomore effort from the Doley brothers’ guitar-less soul/funk band has finally appeared; fourteen original tunes (by either Clayton or Lachlan) that cook on a fairly … Continue reading

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LITTLE ARTHUR DUNCAN                                                                                                               Live at Rosa’s Blues Lounge                                                                                                        Delmark DE 793 This is the “audio only” version of a gig last year – the video version is DVD 1793 – at one of the still functioning blues bars in Chicago. … Continue reading

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Big Box Sales

Hey, Hey… It’s BOXing Day!! OK, so maybe the title is a bit on the hokey side, but there’s a reason. ’Tis the season, and all that sort of stuff, and this piece is to give you, dear reader, some … Continue reading

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Maine Man

SAMUEL JAMES                                                                                 … Continue reading

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Triptych – part 3

AGAINST THE WIND Tim Duffy & the Music Maker Relief Foundation The sub-heading for this magazine is “Australia’s Roots Music Monthly”. But what does that mean? And whose roots, anyway? Well, let’s start with the idea of popular music over … Continue reading

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Triptych – part 2

DIY Fieldwork (or alone in his field)                                                                                  George Mitchell’s southern trawlings. “Roots Music”, one of the over-riding themes of this publication from the git-go, takes many forms (Anglo-European, African American, “Ethnic”, “World”, a.o.) and has been documented over the decades … Continue reading

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Triptych – part 1

ALAN LOMAX: b. Austin, TX; 31 January 1913/d. Tarpon Springs, FL; July 19, 2002. What do blues singer Muddy Waters, the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, and Moby’s multi-platinum album PLAY have in common? One … Continue reading

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McTELL bits – Like a number of us blues aficionados, I came to said music partially through the late Sam Charters’ book, THE COUNTRY BLUES – especially when later abetted by the similarly titled Folkways/RBF LP album. For once, one … Continue reading

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