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Peter B. Lowry is a folklorist, ethnomusicologist, writer, photographer, record producer, and teacher currently residing with his family in Sydney Australia. He is also the founder of Trix Records. He has since seen the error of his ways and ceased that sort of masochism. One of his claims to fame is that he is one of the few people in the world to have known both Pink and Floyd personally! May the farce be with you… it’s our only hope.

12 Responses to About

  1. Chuck Nessa says:

    Good to see you are still alive. I am still torturing myself.


  2. zoreket says:

    Very nice blog!



  3. Good start ! A place to follow.


  4. Nice to meet you Peter. Hope to discover your blog more.


  5. Fred Reif says:

    Great blog, Pete. I was wondering if you remember an article you wrote for an early BU article about Lightnin’ Slim living in Pontiac, MI and someone should go find him, which I did. I am pretty sure it was your article. What I wanted to know is – did you have an address in the article or did I find it somewhere else? I am trying to finish my Lightnin’ Slim chapter for my next book and want to make sure all my facts are correct. Thanks. Fred Reif


  6. Jim says:

    Sign me up for updates Peter.

    Love your Morris Levy write up.

    I remember your Trix label well. Lots of good blues.


  7. Dean Shot says:

    Hi Pete! I was wondering how I can hear the recordings you made of the great Allen Bunn aka Tarheel Slim in your parents basement in Montclair, NJ? I live in West Orange btw! lol.




  8. Tom Grasso says:

    Hi Pete..good to see you’re still getting it done!


  9. Carolyn Libkie says:

    My goodness old neighbor from Montclair, you have had quite a life. Not sure how I got your site, but it was a pleasant surprise. Hesitated to send a message, but it’s always fun to touch base with old acquaintances. Living in Australia is a long way away. How are your sister doing? Life is good on this end. Hope to hear from you. Carolyn (Clemens) Libkie


  10. william201278 says:

    Hey Pete, In learning about Piedmont Blues, your, and Bruce B’s writings have led me to so much enchanting music. Thank you! I am particularly fond of Henry Johnson and Peg Leg Sam. On Stefan Wirz site he lists a ton of recordings for Trix that are unissued for them, and for Baby Tate. Are we ever going to be able to hear these tunes? There are so few recordings today of each.


  11. Philip Read says:

    Hello Peter. I am with a quarterly magazine in NC (see 27587magazine.com) and I am writing a story about Tarheel Slim’s hometown of Bailey and wanted to find out if he shared any stories about that little dot on the map back in the day. Thank you. Philip Read (pread@27587magzine.com). I am on deadline of course. P.S. I use to cover Montclair for the Ledger for the better part of the first decade of this century.


  12. John Fusco says:

    Great material on Roy Dunn. I knew Roy and he was a great inspiration in creating my character Blind Dog Fulton aka Willie Brown in my 1986 movie ‘Crossroads.’

    Thank you,

    John Fusco


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