Buddy Moss – photo by Peter B. Lowry


Buddy Moss – vo/gtr

Vienna, VA – ca. summer 1977

Eugene “Buddy” Moss was commercially one of the most important blues performers to come out of the Piedmont region – he was Georgia-born and lived in that state most of his life. I met him in New York City at one of the blues shows held at The Electric Circus (formerly known as The Dom) in the mid/late sixties. Having obtained his telephone number then, Bruce Bastin and I stopped by to see him in Atlanta on our first trip South together in 1969.

We were in town on a Sunday with nothing else possible to do, so over we went to his house in what was known as “Summerhill”, near the Braves/Falcons baseball/gridiron stadium. Well received, we spent some valuable time with him, garnering much “new” about the Atlanta blues scene of the twenties and thirties: He was a solid fund of information. We also heard him play his Gibson (an LG?) and sing beautifully – Moss had lost nothing in the nearly three decades since his last recordings. A man worth pursuing in my estimation… and that of others. (The relationship went pear-shaped a year or so after, but that’s another story. Buddy was his own worst enemy and tended to sabotage peoples’ good efforts.)

[Nikon F2]

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1 Response to Buddy Moss – photo by Peter B. Lowry

  1. donegone says:

    what a great pic… incidentally, the guitar he’s holding looks more like an L-00 or L-1 rather than an LG…


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