Tarheel Slim – photo by Peter B. Lowry


Tarheel Slim – vo/gtr

Cottekill, NY – September 1979

Alden Bunn was one of the finest singers it was my pleasure to meet, and one of the nicest individuals of all time. He had a decent R’n’B success with his partner, Ann Sanford (mainly as “Tarheel Slim & Little Ann”), in the late 50s/early 60s for various Bobby Robinson labels, mainly Fury. Before that, on a national level he was a member of the Selah Jubilee Singers/The Larks, and lead singer/manager of The Wheels vocal group.

When I met him, Slim was driving a school bus for private schools in Brooklyn and the Bronx. I successfully recorded him doing older style material, mainly solo, intent on later taking him into the Atlantic studios with a band. He was a big hit at the Chapel Hill concerts in 1973, both solo and with a rhythm section: unfortunately, he died before I could implement my studio dreams with him.

[Nikon F2]

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1 Response to Tarheel Slim – photo by Peter B. Lowry

  1. Tom Grasso says:

    I’ve got a cassette of our rehearsal at your house in prep for a gig we played at The Well in R/Dale.


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