“Baby” Tate – photo by Susan Lowry

tB&R 290 Baby Tate Peter B. Lowry

Spartanburg, SC – 30 Dec, 1970.


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2 Responses to “Baby” Tate – photo by Susan Lowry

  1. Clair DeLune says:

    Oh, I wish I’d known this photo existed… looked all over (everywhere but here, obviously… LOL) when I was making my book… when I do the folo-up, perhaps we can discuss inclusion? Awesome work you all did in the 70s. I’m still gobsmacked (to borrow a UK expression!). Thanks… wonderful to lay eyes on South Carolina’s Baby Tate. Just heartwarming! Clair DeLune, “South Carolina Blues” book and Blues Moon Radio show… back in South Carolina! Thanks again, y’all!


  2. Meg Hunt says:

    You could be an answer to prayer…we’ve been looking for a photo of Baby Tate for the next phase of our Piedmont Blues exhibit at the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville, S.C.! We are also in need of a photo of “Peg Leg Sam” from Jonesville, S.C. Would it be possible to talk with you about using this (or any other photos you may have) in our exhibit? We would be most appreciative of any consideration you could provide. I look forward to hearing from you – Thank you!


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