TRIO APOPLECTIC                                                                                                                      “Sofia”                                                                                                                                         Rufus RF080

Dave Jackson – as; Abel Cross – bs; Alex Masso – dms: (Sydney[?]; 11 June 2008).

Sofia/Midnight/Holly & Bobby/I Remember Rusty/Iron Dusk/Transition/ Thang/Texas-Sofia. TT:45: 38.

Unfortunately the promo material and the packaging gives no indication of where these folks are from – I assume Sydney with a CD launch here in early May of ’09 at S.I.M.A.’s main venue, The Sound Lounge. Dave Jackson’s alto playing has a dry sound, possibly influenced by Bernie McGann, as well as Paul Desmond, that flows liquidly throughout the disc. It opens with a very slow, almost dirge-like piece – very lovely; then a mid-tempo where Jackson shows off his chops through it all. Cross’ bass work is appropriate and good; Masso’s drumming quietly in the pocket. And that’s all I can say about the whole – no tempo variation other than SLOW, and almost medium. They all know HOW to play, but, assuming that they know where they’re going, WHAT they are playing does not take me along with them for the ride. It all blends in with no real distinguishing features – trance music? The last piece shows some balls and is the best one on this CD. Too late/little.

The pieces are split 5/3 in favor of the sax man; the others by the bass player. Trio Apoplectic connotes more energy than this triumvirate puts out… Trio Narcoleptic, maybe?! Not bad, but I require more umph for my total listening pleasure, not noodling. Sorry, Tim.

– PETER B. LOWRY [I.A.J.R.C. Journal; Sep ’09, Vol 42, #3 – p.70]

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