KEIJZER McGUINESS QUINTET                                                                                                 The Seed Habit                                                                                                                               Rufus RF079

Remco Keijzer – ts; Lucian McGuiness – tbn; Matt McMahon – el pno; Mike Majkowski – bs; James Hauptmann – dms. (Sydney – 4 March 2008)

Pigis/Apple S/Get Out/GC For CP/Small Pictures/Ballade de Conservatoire/Natte Worteljes – [TT: 45:09].

Jazz is truly an international “musical language” at this point in time. Here we have a group co-lead by a Netherlander saxophonist and an Australian trombonist, the result of a chance meeting in an Amsterdam café!. Talk about long-distance relationships! This album is a different sonically interesting meld of instruments, rather than the more “typical” trumpet/tenor combos that populate the globe (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) that is reminiscent a bit of the fine Lou Blackburn sides for Imperial back in LP days. While I would have preferred a “real” piano to the Fender/Rhodes, McMahon plays it well in this context, which is a bit like a very small big band! There are varied textures, variable dynamics, and variegated soloing that make this a fine listening experience. The arrangements “fit” the whole – the tunes are 4 from McGuiness; two by Keijzer; one shared – group, who all play their roles to perfection. This is an album that I’ll be going back to now and again… maybe even add it into my iTunes! Modern jazz at its varied and variable best. Tight and interesting, and a worthy and worthwhile addition to your listening collection. A keeper – good music and not the other kind.


I.A.J.R.C. JOURNAL; Sep ’09; Vol 42, #3 – p. 78]

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