RED HOLLOWAY                                                                                                                                Go Red Go!                                                                                                                                    Delmark DE 585

Holloway – ts/as (6 only)/vo (9 only); Chris Foreman – B3 Hammond; Henry Johnson – gtr (out 2, 9); George Freeman – gtr (2, 9); Greg Rockingham – dms. Chicago; 16 – 18 July, 2008.

Love Walked In/I Like it Funky/Go Red Go/Deep Purple/St. Thomas/Stardust/Bag’s Groove/Wave/Keep Your Hands Off of Her. [TT: 60:00]

Tenor playing DuSable High alumnus Holloway (along with Johnny Griffin, and Von Freeman) is one in a long line of Chicago sax players who have contributed to the ages. The one-time Sonny Stitt partner has a deep local pedigree that includes stints with Roosevelt Sykes (he sings one of his tunes), plus studio work for Cobra, Chess, a.o. He is jazz-on-the-hoof for the people; capable of great blues as well as bebop, Holloway has a great sound that speaks of his years of experience.

This CD finds him in what I call local lounge garb… Hammond, guitar, drums… playing a collection of blues-based material, plus a few standards. Having two-thirds of the Deep Blue Organ Trio backing him up doesn’t hurt, either! This is no reclamation project – Red is VERY much on top of his game with tone and chops to spare. “Stardust” gets a beautiful ride on alto, while the rest of the album is superb tenor. The backing is totally appropriate… I especially like the two tunes with George Freeman (how about an album with him, Bob?!) and Foreman is brilliant throughout. This one goes into my I-tunes pronto, Tonto! A keeper, for sure – straight ahead hour-long bliss. Old dude can PLAY!

Peter B. Lowry

IAJRC JOURNAL: Sep ’09; v 43, #3 – p.94/95

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