ROSWELL RUDD & YOMO TORO (w. Bobby Sanabria & Ascension)                                        El Espiritu Jibaro                                                                                                                     Sunnyside SSC – 1174.

Roswell Rudd (tbn), Guillermo “Yomo” Toro (tres), John Walsh, Mike Rodriguez (tpt), Chris Washburn (tbn), Gene Jefferson, Peter Brainin (as), Jay Collins (ts/fl), John DiMartino (pno/org), Yellssonn Villamar, Igor Atalita, George Cables (pno), Boris Kozlof, Jorge Longo, Alex Hernandez, Andy Eulau (bs), Donald Nicks (el bs), Bobby Sanabria (dms/tim/cga/bgo/various perc/vo), Hiram “El Pavo” Remon (perc/vo), Wilson “Chembo” Corneil (cga), Raul Juarena (bandoneon), Alice Svigal, Ilmar Gavilan (vln), Marciela Serrano, Michelle Silva, Allesandro Belloni, Dalia Silva (vo). NYC(?) – 18 Jun, 2002 [1]; 23 Jul, 2002 [4, 6, & 9]; 16 Jan, 2003 [7,8, 10]; 16/17 may, 2006 [2, 3, &5].

Pouchie & the Bird/Tango for Chris/Tres, Quatro, Preludio, El Amor/Bamako/Loved by Love/ Inspiracion/Mayor G/Este es Yomo Toro TT 60 min.

One of my son’s honorary godfathers has a recent release, one that follows in his previous footsteps of playing with musicians of cultures other than Upper/Middle Class US WASPs! His years of working with Alan Lomax on Cantometrics, or The Global Jukebox have born fruit since Ros’ welcome return to full-time jazz playing. Stretching the boundaries is something that he cannot help but do – this time with “Latin” music!!

Joining up with Yomo Toro is as natural for Rudd as joining up with Archie Shepp – the man LISTENS and finds a way to fit in with whomever, be it Malians, Mongolians, or Manhattanites! Puerto Rican born Toro is a master of the tres, a three-strings-doubled guitar-like instrument and he and Ros have a lovely time embarking on an exploration of musics where jazz overlaps with something else – tango, cumbia, danzon, merengue, bolero, guaracha, son, mambo, even a touch of African American gospel. All tunes are originals by the principles and the band for each is specifically tailored to each tune: e.g. Bobby Sanabria & Ascension are in tow for the appropriate material, while the rest of the gamut runs from chamber tango quintet to solo tres. Another sparkling and challenging effort from Uncle Ros that is highly recommended for our broad-minded readers. A keeper.

Peter B. Lowry

published: IAJRC JOURNAL, v.71,#3 – Aug 2008, p.85.

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