JANE IRA BLOOM                                                                                                                       Mental Weather                                                                                                                           Outline OTL 139

Jane Ira Bloom (ss/electronics); Dawn Clement (piano/Fender Rhodes); Mark Helias (bs); Matt Wilson (dms) – NYC 1-2 June, 2007.

A More Beautiful Question/Ready For Anything/Multiple Choice/Mental Weather/Luminous Bridges/Electrochemistry/Cello on the Inside/What to Wear – Activewear; Easy Knit; The Reasons for Returns; Clothes That Question/First Thoughts: This Nearly was Mine. TT 48:32.

This is an artist that I have read about for years, but have heretofore unfortunately managed to miss in the hearing department. Now, finally, I get my chance! Bloom gets a lovely sound out the oft recalcitrant soprano, but not anything resembling a “smooth jazz” sound… she has substance as well. The CD is thought of as a continuous program [the disc also contains it as such in MP3 form (TT 43:28) for you to down-load] and it flows well from one “piece” to another, like an album by The Necks.

Well composed and assembled, the CD may not swing per se that much, but the music is truly “jazz” as we know it in the 21st Century. Such music could and would not exist had there been nothing prior known as jazz; there is improvisation, musical nous, and rhythms, all the requisite attributes. The band is superb throughout – while it may be Jane Ira Bloom’s name at the top of the cover, all contribute to a group album effort that I’ll go back to more than once – it’s a good modern listen.


published: IAJRC JOURNAL; v41,#3 –Aug 2008, p.77.

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1 Response to J.I.B.

  1. Sherman says:

    Nice review, Peter.

    I had the pleasure of seeing Jane in Manhattan in the mid-1980’s doing duets with Fred Hersch from the album they did together titled” “As One”.

    I’m a big fan of the tone Jane gets out the the Soprano Sax. In a word: sublime.

    Peace, Love and All That Jazz,


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