THE AIRFORCE JAZZ ENSEMBLE                                                                                  Walpurgis Night                                                                                                                             RAAF Central Band 2003

Paul Williamson – tpt/Ralph Whitlock – as/Jeff Vague – ts/Greg Gear – pno/Barry Ramage – bs/Ben van den Akker – dms: 2/3 October, 2002 Fitzroy, VIC (Australia).

Systems of Norder/Robotica Exotica/Toy Shop/B1/Walpurgis Night/Lament/Little Distractions/The Naked Noodle/Piece for Peace/Mayday Calls (TT: 60:00).

A while back I reviewed another CD from similar sources dated 2006 – this is an older one by four years, but it is equally fine. The band is identical in personnel as on “Volatile – Can He Fly” save for the bass player. No matter, the music is just as good as previously indicated in these pages. Once again, all original music – Gear (4), Williamson (2), Vague (2), Whiteoak, van den Aken (1 each) – that goes way beyond playing business man’s bounce for dancing staff and their wives! This is serious music of the best kind and highly recommended once again. Must be a favored gig! Good tunes well played with excellent soloing… what more could one ask for? I mean, the Air Force!! In the immortal words of the immortal Thos. A. Waller, “One never know, do one?” Jazz is everywhere these days – just dig it. If interested, then try the following: Ben.Vandenakker@defense.gov.au. Well worth it, I’d say… either or both, for I have them in my iTunes!


published: IAJRC JOURNAL; Vol 45, No 2 – June 2012, p.69.

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