WANDERLUST                                                                                                                                     When in Rome                                                                                                                                   Rufus Records RF 077

Miroslav Bukovsky (tpt/flg), James Greening (tbn, didj), Alister Spence (pno/keys), Adam Armstrong (bs), Fabian Hevia (dms), Joe Tawadros (oud). Villa Celamontana, Rome – 3 July, 2004.

Samba Nova/Dakar/Bronte Café/Delicatessence/Pressure Makes Diamonda/MDD. TT 72:56.

One of my favorite Sydney-based “all star” bands has a new album, serendipitously recorded at a festival near Rome four years ago. Trumpeter Mike Bukovsky’s group draws on the deep pool of jazz talent in and around Sydney to play his music for him [and for us, as well]. Recorded off of the mixing board (no bad thing these days), the CD has the best selections taken from two sets with an added guest, Egyptian/Australian oudist Joseph Tawadros, to stir into the mix. These are tunes that have appeared on previous CD releases by the band; but in a “live” setting, “things” can happen! And do.

The energy of a “live” performance is cleanly captured on this release and all the participants acquit themselves with flying colors (end of well-worn-cliché zone!). Having seen and heard each of these guys in many contexts, including this band, it’s easy for me to close my eyes and see it happening, from the opening “Samba Nova” through to the closing MDD. Being a little more “loose” than in the studio, and often longer, has its benefits. Plus the added fillip of the oud makes for some interesting “world” music out of some of the pieces. This is modern music at its best, music that is not ashamed of its antecedents nor in carrying it forth from there. Man, there’s some good musos in the Sydney area, mate!


published: IAJRC JOURNAL, v41,#3 – Aug 2008, p.68]

[We need to find another descriptive to “live” – the opposite (“dead”) doesn’t really compute, although we’ve all heard performances that could be so described… any suggestions?]

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