The folks that brought you “Homicide: Life on the Street” and “The Wire” have a new kid on the block that is based in post-Katrina New Orleans. As with those other David Simon shows, the presentation is real and gritty – and full of music as only New Orleans can be. The characters are relatively un-clichéd, the plots believable, the photography accurate (both beautiful and shameful), and the music fabulous. Based in and around the Tremé Parish of the city, this is television from the United States that makes up for the multitudinous “Jersey Shore”s on the box.

Having watched the first seven shows (the first 11/2 hours, the rest 1 hour each), I am drawn into a world I’ve never experienced in the flesh, but read about over the decades. I know, “what do you mean you’ve never been to New Orleans?” True, and I can never really go to New Orleans now that Mother Nature and man have done their damage to the city. But I can watch this show and be sucked into the lives of folks there, actual people/musicians playing themselves, and see what’s there NOW. Highly recommended television viewing, something that doesn’t happen all that often from me, the grumpy one. Season Two is available, and there are two(?) more planned. I’m glad that I stumbled on this show: Check it out, folks.


pub: THE BLUES TIMES; No. 225, Dec. 2011 – p. 10

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