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ODDENDA & SUCH: #87 – the Record Men

RECORD MAKERS and BREAKERS: Voices of the Independent Rock ‘n’ Roll Pioneers John Broven University of Illinois Press (2009) Urbana & Chicago. RALPH PEER and the Making of Popular Roots Music Barry Mazor Chicago Review Press (2015) Chicago COWBOYS AND … Continue reading

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VARIOUS ARTISTS Jazz on Disques Vogue                                                                                                                                    Sony Music/Disques Vogue/Legacy 88725443772 This box is just what it says it is: “LEGACY ressuscite les trésors du jazz enregistrés en 33t (25 et 30 cm) sur le prestigieux label VOGUE. 35 chefs-d’oeuvre du … Continue reading

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THE MACE FRANCIS ORCHESTRA                                                                                         Music For Average Photography                                                                                       listen/here (no #) Mace Francis – com/arr;; Ricki Malet, Callum G’Froerer, Matthew McGlynn – tpt; Blake Phillips, Jame Cross, Rob Coleman – tbn; Ben Collins, Dan Hart, Brett Smith, Mark Sprogowski … Continue reading

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Big Box Sales

Hey, Hey… It’s BOXing Day!! OK, so maybe the title is a bit on the hokey side, but there’s a reason. ’Tis the season, and all that sort of stuff, and this piece is to give you, dear reader, some … Continue reading

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VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                                                                                          The Keynote Jazz Collection: 1941-1947                                                                                     Fresh Sound FRS-CD 815 (11 discs) The out-of-copyright materials just keep on a-comin’! Yet another great package from Spain has come to hand as a result. I missed out on buying a Keynote … Continue reading

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MACE FRANCIS ORCHESTRA                                                                                                  ChineseWhispers                                                                                                                                          Listen/Hear (no #) Ricki Malet, Callum G’Froerer, Brendan Baer – tpts; Alex Benn, Robin Murray, Tilman Robinson – tbns; Ben Collins, Daniel Thorne, Sean Little,Mark Sprogowskie – saxes; Tim Jago – gtr: Wayne Slater – bs; … Continue reading

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WALLY ROSE                                                                                                                                Whippin’ the Keys                                                                                                                           Delmark DE 248 Wally Rose – pno. Recorded: San Francisco[?] (tk 1-11) 28 June, 1971; (tk 12-21) 6 September, 1968. Whippin’ the Keys/Ragtime Dance/Blue Goose Rag/The Kangaroo Hop/Scott Joplin’s New Rag/Rags to Burn/Ragtime Oriole/The Hobble … Continue reading

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WANDERLUST                                                                                                                                     When in Rome                                                                                                                                   Rufus Records RF 077 Miroslav Bukovsky (tpt/flg), James Greening (tbn, didj), Alister Spence (pno/keys), Adam Armstrong (bs), Fabian Hevia (dms), Joe Tawadros (oud). Villa Celamontana, Rome – 3 July, 2004. Samba Nova/Dakar/Bronte Café/Delicatessence/Pressure Makes Diamonda/MDD. TT … Continue reading

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THE WEST SIDE COMPOSERS COLLECTIVE                                                                           Driving Hat                                                                                                                                Pinnacles PM 0208 Shannon Marshall – tpt; Mikael Strand – tbn; Mark Spencer – as; Rafael Karlin – ts, fl, comp/arr; Graeme Norris – bs; Steve Newcomb – pno; James Sherlock – gtr; … Continue reading

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VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                                                                                                 55 Years of Jazz                                                                                                                          Delmark DE 914 CD: Yves Francois – Lester Leaps In/Deep Blue Organ Trio – Goin’ to Town/King Curtis – Dynamite at Midnight/Ted Sirota’s Rebel Souls – Saro-Wiwa/Curtis Fuller – Equinox/Francine Griffin – It’s Crazy/George … Continue reading

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